CodeRED is a critical communications solution provided by OnSolve and developed specifically for local public safety personnel. It’s used to alert residents and businesses through a variety of channels of time-sensitive information, emergencies or urgent notifications. The system can reach millions of individuals in minutes to ensure information such as evacuation notices, missing persons alerts, inclement weather advisories and more are quickly shared.

To sign up for CodeRED and recieve text and emails alerting you to emergencies and what is happening in your area, just click on the the link below and fill out your information. 

Emergency Alerts

CodeRED is an alert system that will text the community to what emergencies are happening. It will send a message to those who are signed up instantly.

Missing Persons

CodeRED will also send information about missing persons. We know how critical it is to find someone as quickly as possible.

Important Information

You can also sign up for other important information such as road closures and power outages.